If I could burn everything inside me you'd see beauty in this spleen

by lotusflowerdeathstar

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Lazy sad funeral record


released August 29, 2014

Vajman Petter - Lyrics, music, vocals, guitars
Mariana Godoi - Spoken words on the track 'This senseless spleen has taken a large part of my life'
Lorena Olaf Furter - Vocals on the track 'Sleepless'*
Rafaela Camargo - Spoken words on the track 'Lost. Drowning. All Day. Every day. (it never ends)'

Recorded at some room by Vajman Petter
Mixed and Produced by Vajman Petter

*remixed and sampled at the track 'Lost. Drowning. All Day. Every day. (it never ends)'




lotusflowerdeathstar Sao Paulo, Brazil

Official soundtracker for sad gloomy thoughts

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Track Name: This senseless spleen has taken a large part of my days
Since I know you well it's been difficult to breathe
I try to reach the phone so I can tell you I'm still here
But I fell too lazy

I want to leave
But I can't leave her
How could I leave without my dreams?

I want to leave
I want to live with you
Outside my head
Inside my room
Track Name: Sleepless
Your new scene
Keeps me awake when I want to sleep
When I want to meet you in my dreams
When I want to hear your name

Then we kiss
Do we feel the same way that I do?
I feel like a teenage girl with you
I feel you and then you're gone
Track Name: What if everything suddenly start making sense?
I would wake up from my dreams
And stop staring at the screen that shows me things I don't want to see
I would wake up and go downstairs
I would call you, 'se you there'
I would stop the make believes
I would give up lazy
Hello mother I'm not crazy anymore

(Suddenly it seemed like I just woke up
This whole life of numbness, doubts, dreaming and fragile, broken hopes
This ethereal state of melancholy, giving up for a brand new feeling of reality
I am now concious, comfortable...
Must have been a dream...)
Track Name: Soundtrack for my drowning (and a lullaby for my very last sleep)
Tired of truth
Dressed in her clothes and my hopes
I painted a portrait of you
Blue skies were turning to grey
I missed a few spots on your face
I painted it blue - That's how I feel
When I'm distant and you're real

Been in this hell for a year
Smiling with sad eyes
searching for tears on the floor
In between the raindrops
I've been a confident of my own fears