No Use For Happy Songs

by lotusflowerdeathstar

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Sad enough


released July 10, 2014

Recorded and mixed at a dirty room by Vajman Petter
All songs written and performed by lotusflowerdeathstar a.k.a. Vajman Petter



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


lotusflowerdeathstar Sao Paulo, Brazil

Official soundtracker for sad gloomy thoughts

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Track Name: Left a Letter on the Desk, Hope You Never Find it
I wrote another letter
Already lost somewhere
Between my weakness and my arguments
It’s in my head, It’s in the air
I won’t be long in here
I don’t belong here
I wrote a song about you
Another one you do not care about
She’s out there with a smile on her face
She just wouldn’t care if I die
They say they’re friends but they’re just enemies
They say they’re friend and then they hide
I know you care and I am sorry
No, It ain’t worth apologizing
I won’t be living here next year
My chords will disappear and then…
Track Name: 2012 Was a Heck Of a Bad Year
Down down stairs
Up in the hills
Everyone knows you better than me
You were made of all the dreams we couldn’t take
And we save our souls for the best of the night
And we break spells with kisses and goodbyes
And I totally understand
But it just doesn’t feels right
If it wasn’t me I’d say it’s hypocrisy
And I’m an idiot

You were too honest for me to complain
It’s 2012 again

Fuck me over like you’d fuck anybody else
And I’ll give you head
And I’ll give your ego head
Track Name: MyLoverUsedToReadYouALot (Sentimental Souls)
What now, I’m here
Wish I wasn’t bleeding
Goodbye, my dear
I will not be here by tomorrow